A little bit about Us

Tex Deal Inc. was established in 2003 to provide the discriminating buyers with the world’s finest selection of fabric items for the garment items like Shirts, trousers etc.

We are industrial organization with important presence in China and Bangladesh, and our mission is to satisfy the necessities of the garment fabric, through our different lines of products of superior quality and exclusive design style at the proper price and right time. Allowing at the same time, the incoming of utilities for company what assures the well-being of every one of its participants and of the society in general becoming an important source of job opportunities, besides of contributing with the national industry to hold up the production activity and fabrication with national resources preferentially, and all of them aligned to the fiscal and tributary policies of the country. We point up to be one of the most efficient companies of the country, using the most competitive technologies available and giving a special participation to the performance of our personnel in the development of our mission.

Tex Deal Inc is renowned for quality of 100% Cotton, T/C (65/35), CVC- Yarn Dyed (different quality like 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 80’s, 100’s etc), Printed fabric, Solid, Twill, Satin, Canvas, Denim, as well we do blended fabric like Cotton/Spandex, Cotton/Linen, Ramie/Cotton whatever the requirement by customer. Our Fabric are woven in our traditional mill in Changzhou, Wuxi, Nantong, Shaoxin etc places in China ensuring excellent quality throughout. Beside these we also manufacture and export different promotional items from China.